How to secure your money on vacation?


When we go on holiday, we should always be vigilant not to lose our money. Wallet and cash thefts happen very often also in those countries that are considered safe. How should we secure our money when traveling?

Jak zabezpieczyć swoje pieniądze na wakacjach?

Stealing money, and even the entire wallet in which we store your documents, is a serious problem, especially when we are on holiday in another country. It is worth remembering a few key tips that will help us reduce the risk of theft.

1. Keep money in different places

When we take cash with us, in this case, we should remember that it is best not to keep the whole sum in one place, for example in the wallet. The funds should preferably be stored in several places. We should not have too much cash, but only smaller sums.

We can, for example, store some of the money in the wallet, and an additional sum in the pocket of the trousers at the front or in the hip sachet. Also, we can put a small amount in a suitcase. Of course, in the sale you will also find a lot of special accessories, which are designed to store money, for example, can be sachets to hang on the neck, which have special cut-resistant links. On sale, we can also find belts for trousers with dividers for money.

2. Do not leave money in a hotel room and watch out for safes

Another important thing is protecting the money in the hotel. We should not leave them in their room, because they can be stolen by the hotel staff.

We should also pay attention to hotel safes, especially when we are staying in a hotel with no high reputation. Sometimes, safes are robbed, especially those that are placed in rooms.

3. Pay with your card on vacation

The form of protection against theft abroad is also the use of a payment card. Unfortunately, we must remember that using the card in other countries may be associated with additional costs for currency conversion and commissions, so check them in advance.

We can also use a card that is issued to an account where we have only a certain amount of money, not all our savings. Then, when we need additional money, we can transfer it to the given account. Of course, we will need the internet for such operations.

4. Keep your eyes and ears wide open

Nothing can replace our vigilance. We just have to be careful about the surroundings, where we are and who we are dealing with, because then we can read the disturbing signals and reduce the theft risks.

Always carry a bag or a bag with you and keep an eye on it. Always close the bags and backpacks so that they do not open for thieves. Avoid a large crowd, because it is the easiest way to lose valuable things. When we are in a crowd, always keep a bag or a backpack close to each other to have it in front of your eyes.