Finance in a big city, or how to live a big city with a small budget!

A large city tempts, attracts and can ripple in the head. Nowhere in the world does fashion go as fast as in big cities. The “to town” exits are a weekly ritual here, and you just have to have concert tickets for famous celebrities!

Metropolitan style and modesty are like Lady Gaga and Jerzy PoĊ‚omski. It’s hard to find bigger opposites. So how do you find yourself in the urban jungle when you are not a panther of finance?


We have some ideas for you. Ready for a big city safari after finances? We will fasten the seat belts!


By spending on yourself, you do not necessarily invest.

One of the most common reasons for falling into financial trouble is spending money on things that we simply can not afford. However, we do not resist the temptation to buy a stylish jacket, fashionable sneakers, or visit a restaurant where a glass of water without gas can cost as much as a two-course dinner in another. Why are we doing this?

This type of spending is explained by ourselves that it is an investment. We think that if we show up in an elegant stylization, we will start to visit popular places, we will create an image of a person who can afford it, and this will attract people with interesting job offers, new orders.


This assumption is wrong at its very foundations. If we are counting on a good job or an order from someone valuable (read: paying in time), then let’s concentrate on what we can offer to his company as a professional. There is a high probability that our metropolitan chic will be appreciated only by people for whom it is important. Do we want to make our finances dependent on someone who evaluates co-workers after dress? Do not be fashionable! Be fashion!


The most famous wizard in the fashion world – Karl Lagerfeld once said that being trendy is the shortest way to being unfashionable. And this slogan is worth remembering, especially when we can not afford these trends.

An image is important in a big city. Dot. However, being fashionable is something that is not going away – being stylish. So instead of surfing the chains and spending money on more clothes, which will be passed for half a year (and by the way joining a coffee, a burger with kale), it is worth investing this time in finding your style. This is an invaluable investment. Priceless, because it does not cost a zloty!


With our style, we will always be a step ahead of fashion, and it’s better than following it. Truth?


Ecology + economics = Great Infinite Love

Ecology definitely has its moment now. It is everywhere – on catwalks, in lifestyle magazines, on Instagram and, above all, in a big city! BIO, VEGAN products disappear from store shelves faster than the proverbial hotcakes (this horrible gluten!), And the centers are filled with restaurants serving dishes from organic crops. If the state of our bank account does not put us in enthusiasm, let’s turn to the … ecology and the trendiest #VEROVA trend.


Every year, over 80 million tons of food is wasted in Poland! The world’s best-known stars have already joined this trend and are actively promoting it on their channels in social media.

What does this mean for us? #RIGHT, it’s in practice:


  • Taking home the remains of food, which we did not eat at the restaurant – read: dinner for free!
  • Doing small shopping instead of large ones. People living in accordance with this trend are using what they have already bought, and when they run out, they just fill in the gaps – read: we do not buy overstock! What we have is enough for us.
  • Creative cooking with everything that is in the fridge. One-pot meals are back in favor – read: sushi is “so much 2014”.
  • Reflective shopping. Before something goes into our shopping cart, ask yourself: “do I need it?”. It’s funny that this simple sentence can really change our purchases and, above all, finances – read: less in the cart, more in your pocket!


Go ahead! Borrow!


A big city is a lot of small communities that have their groups in social media, so when you get an unannounced one, it’s worth borrowing from your neighbors. A camera for a trip to Bieszczady? Chairs for a party? Instead of buying things that we will need for a while, it’s worth just borrowing them.


And very important – in a big city we do not talk about money, we do not borrow them from each other. This topic simply does not exist. So, when there is an opportunity that we can not refuse – a concert of a favorite band that will reappear in Poland in ten years, a chance trip to Tuscany, which we’ve always dreamed about, take an online loan.


PS A double latte on soya milk from a trendy cafe washed down on the way to work is about PLN 300 a month!